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Definition: the trace symbol 


The trace symbol derives from the Latin ‘trahere’ – to draw, as does the extract symbol. When we draw we extract the essence of an object into lines that form a resemblance of the object. It is a minute and barely detectable amount or indication of the object. 

 * We are  each Trace Beings in that we each form minute and barely detectable reflections of reality (the universal potential).

 * We each exist for trace moments amidst the billions of years of the universe(s).

 * The stars are trace elements of the galaxies, being on average over 3.5 million light years apart.

 * Our solar system extends over 6 million kilometers, of which planet Earth is a trace 12,760 kilometers.

 * Trace gases, together constituting less than 0.1% of the atmosphere, enable life as we know it, for without them Earths average surface temperature would be 33ºC cooler i.e. minus 18ºC.

 * Consciousness is a trace element of the human psyche – we may be consciously aware of perhaps two thousand sensations  and our subconscious is aware of at least 50 billion sensations in any moment.

The actualised or realised potential in any moment is a trace element of the vast possibilities inherent in the universal potential. 

Conserve the potential of the trace symbol by using it, for our use of it reminds us of the big that is in the small and of the small that is in the big. In accepting our trace existence we are accepting change and thus are better able to understand how tiny quantities can become very potent through exponential change and leverage (chaos theory).

Denial of stewardship/change is endemic in Anglo-American society and this is manifest in our use of our carbon potential. For instance we consume fossil fuels in a trace moment of the time it took for them to be generated. We use only a trace element of their great potential and transform the remainder into waste and polluting gases. We deny the reality that these polluting gases are the same trace gases that provide the thermal balances that enable life, as we know it, on Earth. The denial of the Warmer Trace Gases is manifest in our use of the ‘greenhouse gas” symbol instead, thus constantly evoking images of Earth’s atmosphere as a greenhouse. Thus our children are taught that the atmosphere is a human engineered construct rather than an organic dynamic system better understood using Chaos Theory.


Conserve the potential of the trace symbol so our children can better comprehend tiny quantities and the nature of change. Thus they will grow in acceptance of our Trace Beings and enjoy greater awe.

Etymology trace

[Middle English, track, from Old French, from tracier, to make one's way, from Vulgar Latin *tracti re, from Latin tractus, a dragging, course, from past participle of trahere, to draw.]


Enjoy the rewards of being a conservator of the potential of our greatest symbols.


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