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Evaluate your teachers/media


All human beings, no matter how smart or educated or erudite, have an incredible capacity for self-deceit. It is incredible because it is ingenious beyond the comprehension of thought and our ego. We can generate immensely sophisticated rationales for denying stewardship/change. It requires the wisdom born of compassion to acknowledge and transcend this state. 

Thus it is that our teachers may have enormous expertise of how aspects of the universe(s) work and yet frame vital information in ways that are in major denial of stewardship/change. Any dissonance between their lifestyles and their sentience of what is sustainable is invariably manifest and propagated in some way in the texts they write and the lectures they give. The combination of the prestige accorded the teacher and the institutional power of their materials can form a formidable barrier to the student perceiving and challenging their denial. 

Here are some simple questions that can help promote acceptance of change/stewardship.  A child of ten and a person of one hundred can ask them.

Be mindful that you are born into the state of science equally as your teachers and experts are, as surely as you were able to develop speech and read this page. They have no special privilege over you with regards to enjoying a spirit of inquiry, honest, trust, sharing and inclusiveness – these being the requisites for anyone to enjoy the state of being, which is science. 

Ask your questions in compassion, mindful that all human beings have their deceits and flaws. If you do not understand the answer, then say so. And allow the possibility that the problem may not be with you but with your esteemed teacher. 

You say warming (no temperature change) is the same thing as warming-up (temperature change). How can this be? 

Without global warming our planet would cool down and become uninhabitable. Why do you say global warming is bad? 

Why are there no winds in a greenhouse? 

How is it that we can still breath in a greenhouse? 

If energy is conserved, then how can human beings possibly conserve it? 

If energy cannot be created or destroyed, then how is it possible that human beings save or waste it? 

You say we have an energy problem. Could it be that it is the way we use energy that is our problem? 

What is the difference between a form of energy and energy? 

You say you are “just using a metaphor” to explain this process/idea. How do you explain it without using “a metaphor”? 

You say power is energy. How can the rate of work be the work?


Enjoy the rewards of being a conservator of the potential of our greatest symbols.


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