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General Theory of Sustainability Principle

Key ideas  

Reality is universal continual transformation or change. 

Human beings live a dance between acceptance and denial of both our mortality and our roles as stewards amidst transformation. 

Human consciousness is a trace element of the human psyche and has both an unimaginable capacity for reflection and an incredible capacity for self-deceit. 

Symbols enable living forms to survive and procreate. Fatally flawed uses of symbols destroy their users. 

We are Mirror Beings - our brains are laced with mirror neuron systems exquisitely capable of detecting the relative degrees of harmony and dissonance in others. We are each our symbol.   

Cartoon  from Journal of World Politics. 
Our lifestyle is our ultimate message.

A symbol is a shared crystallised quantum of meaning. The information inherent in a symbol is physical –as is all information. All symbols uses materially alter how the potential of the universe(s) is manifest. 

A symbol use reflects the relative harmony and dissonance experienced by the user and projects it onto the audience. It simultaneously works to generate that relative harmony and dissonance within the user. The conscious use of a symbol affects the subconscious 

Our capacity for self-deceit is incredible because its ingenuity is beyond the comprehension of thought and our intellect. We need guides that enable us to transcend the limitations of our ego and make sustaining uses of symbols. 

The Conservation Principle of Energy is perhaps the nearest we have to a universal law – no other principle has been subject to such intense scrutiny in known history and no person has ever faulted it in any practical way. Thus it is perhaps the most sustainable symbol known to humanity. 

It is possible to draw on the wisdom of the Conservation Principle of Energy plus that of the Uncertainty Principle of Energy to generate a general principle guiding our use of symbols: 

A symbol used in acceptance of change enhances the capacity of the user to mirror reality and enjoy harmony. A symbol used in denial of change destroys the capacity of the user to mirror reality and know harmony. 

The symbol used in acceptance of change resonates in ways that work to generate sustainable behaviour in both the user and the audience. Thus all are more able to enjoy a sense of harmony with all and embrace their roles as stewards in the universal flux.  The converse is true of the symbol used in denial of change.

The principle is eminently practical and a child of ten can make wise use of it.

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