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Review Call and Welcome to the Fun.


Please join the call for a global review of how we symbolise the nature of energy and how our climate works. Why? There are two simple reasons: 

     Every society in history that failed to embrace the fundamental principles of physics has self-destructed. We are not exempt from the wisdom of those principles. There are many signs that our current uses of our prime symbols lack science and put us at grave peril.   

    Sustainable uses of symbols generate fun for they open us to unimaginable possibilities and enhanced meaning. When used in compassion we discover and embrace our ingenuity for self-deceit and find great humour in the human condition. 

Despite what our schools may have taught you, the fact remains you too were born into and enjoy the state of being called science. You are equally capable of understanding the great principles of physics as anyone, for our appreciation of them most essentially involves our spirit. Intellect is but a trace element of the spirit. Thus you are capable as anyone of promoting sustainable uses of our prime symbols. 

There are myriad journeys of exploration and this website is an example of one. Maybe it provides a source of inspiration?

Whatever your role in your society, identify and conserve the potential of your prime symbols so they work to generate stewardship/change in all your discourse. Be a living reminder to your friends, teachers and politicians of the potential benefits of caring for our symbols. The following short list offers only a trace glimpse of the wonderful transformation that can occur in our lives: 

  • We are each born with a considerable capacity to enjoy the state of science and currently this tends to be diminished by our education institutions. The active conservation of our prime symbols works to sustain and enhance this wonderful capacity throughout our lives.

  • As the state of science flourishes in individuals and their communities so the arts, language, civics and democracy are able to flourish.

  • We become more sentient of the dynamism of our universe(s) and are better able to live in harmony with the flows and balances that sustain humanity.

  • As we are opened to a far greater array of phenomena and can better comprehend the myriad transformations possible we are more able to realise a far more sustaining potential.

  • Our sensations of fear and deprivation will tend to be replaced with sensations of richness and bounty.

  • We will be inclined to enjoy peace and harmony.


Possible formal review framework

This framework attempts to explore and take into account the insights afforded by contemporary research in physics and psychology. It contains the following objectives: 

  1. Define “symbol”.
    Example: A symbol is a quantum of shared crystallised information.
  2. Define “information”.
    Example: Information as a concept has many meanings. The concept of information is closely related to notions of constraint, communication, control, data, form, instruction, knowledge, meaning, mental stimulus, pattern, perception, and representation. In its most restricted technical meaning, information is an ordered sequence of symbols.
  3. Establish the probability that information is physical.
  4. Explore the implications of the notion of “mirror neuron systems”.
    Example: It is possible that a range of symbol forms (visual, sound, smell etc) can generate an identical image.
    Example: It is possible deeds have far greater impacts than words on the audience.
  5. Explore contemporary fMRI insights into the role of the hidden or subconscious brain.       
  6. Establish the probability that the Conservation and Uncertainty Principles of Energy are sustained.
  7. Draw these insights into principles that can form a practical guide to sustainable uses of symbols.
    Example: The Sustainability Principle of Energy

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