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Are you vulnerable to denial?


No one is perfect and that is OK. What is essential is that we each enjoy compassion for ourself so we are better able to acknowledge the vagaries and challenges of the human condition with humility and humour. 

We all retain elements of psychosis (the inability to reflect reality) and psychopathy (the inability to enjoy compassion). Reality here refers to the universal continual change, of which we are part and need act as stewards of our actions.  We each also have ingenious capacities for self-deceit and for creating incredibly sophisticated systems denying our roles as stewards amidst change.  This denial is reflected in our use of symbols and the symbol we each form for our audience.


Modern corporations are founded in this self-deceit and denial. They are legislated to have the rights but not the responsibilities of individuals and in this they are the perfect manifestation of the elements of psychosis and psychopathy that reside in us all. Some even describe themselves as “energy corporations” and “power companies”, which is the ultimate denial of stewardship/change. This denial is also generated and reflected in our media and education corporations. Thus modern corporations are a profound source of symbols used in denial of stewardship/change.

Human beings tend to assimilate the social mores and reflect those around them. Thus if you work for a modern corporation and/or you are influenced by our media and teachers, then you are vulnerable to using symbols in denial. This is because the lifestyles of those that thrive in these institutions tend to be very unsustainable. Most, at a primal level, retain a sense of what behaviour is sustainable. Contradictions between this deep ideal and their actions tend to be manifest in symbol uses that simultaneously reflect and disguise the dissonance.

Perhaps the most vulnerable people of are those who describe themselves as “environmental activists” and members of the Green Movement. This is because any contradiction between their actions and their enhanced awareness of the impact of their activities on sustaining flows and balances tends to generate enhanced dissonance and the need for denial.


Their vulnerability is also enhanced by the fact that they form role models at the most pivotal points of societal change – a fact well recognised and exploited by corporation strategists. Worse - environmental activists are often dependent on the corporations for funding and general support.

This is not to say any of these people are necessarily liars and hypocrites. Rather it is a reminder we are all capable of ingenious self-deceits and acting in ways that are less than our ideal.

And nor is it a call to condemn others for their self-deceits and denial. Rather it is a reminder that if they are our employers, providers, informers and teachers then it is helpful to be mindful we are vulnerable to their dissonance and denial too.

Above all it is a reminder that we have guides in the great principles of physics that enable us to transcend our vulnerability and employ sustaining symbols.


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